About Scott Hale

LIAva812 Scott Hale – Digital Experience | Strategy | Branding

With a background in communications and psychology, Scott explores how social media, digital experience, and brand participation can drive audience change. Scott has spent time as the man behind the social media curtain during a major brand product line launch during CES ’10 and forming a long-term social strategy and concept for an entertainment legend’s mobile app including the management of cross-platform fan interactions. When a rising fashion website needed to introduce more than 200 college fashion journalists to social media, Scott built a comprehensive training program and helped secure brand partnerships to increase sales for specifically targeted brands and drive online traffic.

While jumping into the agency world, Scott provided social and digital strategy uniquely designed for individual clients resulting in achievement of business goals, built social communities that work seamlessly with offline efforts, and worked side-by-side with creative teams to align traditional campaigns with digital experiences. His focus at Bailey Lauerman was wrapping advertising campaigns in a layer of immersive experience that tied campaigns together and offered transformative opportunities to brand operations, providing compelling reasons for audiences to jump into brands head first and stay engaged.

If you know anybody looking for a curious, intrinsically motivated, quick learner with a well-rounded set of skills, head over to the ‘connect’ page and send Scott an email.

To continue the conversation, find Scott on Twitter where he looks forward to learning with you.

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