Friday Five: Build Momentum for 2010

Happy Friday to all and to all a good Friday Five! It’s been a great week around here and I’m looking forward to taking the momentum into the weekend and carrying it through the end of the year lull. I hope you can do the same. I’d like to thank Danny Brown once again for allowing me to run with his idea of Friday Five recommendations.

1.) Tweet ‘Em or Leave ‘Em – I always like to start off with a recommendation from Twitter. This person stood out this week as a top conversationalist with ideas to match. He solidified a recommendation last night in the #u30pro chat as one of the most valuable contributors. @jackieadkins is a young professional, marketing idea engine, and sports fan – what else do could you need? He also runs a great blog called The Curbside Marketer at

2.) Blogrocker – Today I coin the term “Blogrock.” If you are a rockstar blogger, you write in the genre of Blogrock. Nobody is more deserving of the term than today’s recommendation for blogger of the week. In fact, Mack Collier is such a Blogrocker that he offers up two blogs for your reading pleasure – and The Viral Garden. Mack started off the week by telling us “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Social Media Strategy (But Were Afaid to Ask)” and rounded out the week with the brutal truth that “More Comments Doesn’t Always Mean More Conversation.” It shouldn’t surprise you to see Mack’s blogs recommended, but if it caught you off guard head over and save yourself some keystrokes by hitting the RSS feed.

3.) Unlikely Hero – He may not win the Heisman Trophy this weekend, but nobody can deny that Ndamukong Suh altered the game of college football more than anybody else in the league this year. Suh plays Defensive Tackle at the University of Nebraska and he dominated every opponent without mercy all year long. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to win the most prestigious award in college football as a defensive player. Take a note from Suh though – It doesn’t matter what you do. You don’t need the most glorious job to make a giant splash.

4.) Head-Shaking Marketing – We’ve all seen some marketing campaigns that have nothing to do with the product and make us do a double-take. We’ve all seen ads that have heavily sexual references when it seems they are completely misplaced for the product. We’ve never seen anything quite like what Burger King launched this week. The self-proclaimed King of Burgers has decided that a BK Showercam (probably NSFW depending on where you work) would be a good idea to advertise. I don’t know who told them that, but I’ll let you decide how you feel about it.

5.) There’s Always Room for [Beyonce] – In the event that you haven’t quite had enough of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, here’s a version that I couldn’t stop laughing at. They’re fun musicians and if you pay attention you can find some little jabs at the song’s popularity.

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Build Momentum for 2010

  1. I am not surprised you mention Suh in this list, Scott. You are a Suh-marketing machine.🙂

    The Single Ladies re-make is awesome! The talent that some people have just totally blows my mind. Very cool.

    Way to go, Blogrocker!

  2. I did NOT want to watch that Single Ladies video because I’m so tired of that song, but I did, and it was pretty sick. They had to have a lot of fun making it. Also, I’m with you on the BK showercam. I know you can’t hit them all out of the park, but they struck out hard with that.

    Also, I can’t tell you thank you enough to mention me on here! Thanks for all the kind words and you’re not too shabby at this whole tweeting deal either.

    Have a great weekend!

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  4. I missed out on the Showercam, but it looks like BK UK took it down. It didn’t look like any of the reactions were positive. Does anyone know if BK uses the same marketing agency for their UK ads? If not, this could be an attempt by the UK firm to try to capture some of the same energy, hype, and virility of the US marketing campaigns. However, it seems like the campaign just ended up feeling “pervy”.

    Also, I like that cover version.

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