Freezing Friday Five

Just took a peak at the current radar and it was kind enough to let me know that the current temp. is 16 degrees. So here you go – the first (of what I hope is few) Friday Five of the Frozen season. For those of you in warmer climates, I’ll try to keep the snow references to a minimum – I know how the word “snow” makes your eyes burn.

1.) Oh, The Weather Outside is Tweetful – As usual, I’ll start you off with a standout tweeter of the week. There was a great discussion last night during the #u30pro chat. First, I suggest you check it out and follow all of the consistent contributors because it really is a smart and diverse set of young professionals, students, and more seasoned veterans offering up insight. Last night’s guest moderator was a real pleasure to have involved – If you’re not following @LenKendall, get on it. Len’s blog, “Constructive Grumpiness,” could just as easily be listed as a blog suggestion as Len can for a Twitter suggestion. Len posts great content on Twitter and has a knack for telling it like it is whether it’s controversial or not.

2.) Blogsy the Snowman – There have been a ton of great blog posts this week, but one blog stood out as the overall greatest of the week. Jim Connolly, from “Jim’s Marketing Blog,” has been testing out the impact of posting daily entries to his blog and guess who has benefited the most? The readers (including me). Among others, this week Jim asked for your attention (and taught you how to do the same), gave you “6 Marketing Tips” related to good timing, and taught you how to achieve “Mouth Watering Marketing” with words. Thanks, Jim.

3.) Dashing Through the [Tiger] Woods, In a One Horse Open Controversy – I would be ridiculous not to comment on Tiger Woods this week. Talk about a PR nightmare. Back when Tiger was staying quiet about what looked like a shady car wreck, I thought the whole thing would blow over pretty quickly. Turns out, the story is much deeper. Here’s what I want from the public: Stop saying Tiger is just like “everybody else.” First, Tiger Woods is a celebrity. If he wants to make millions relying on an adoring fan base, he can’t turn off his celebrity status when it’s convenient. Also, “everybody else” doesn’t have an (alleged) extensive affair throughout almost an entire young marriage. You don’t have to be a celebrity for that to be wrong. Good luck clearing this up, Tiger. Another major championship (and holding the record for majors) will probably help more than it should.

4.) Look for the Holiday Joy – Shhhhh. Don’t Tell Debbie. Does Evan White’s (@YourFriendEvan) mom like lawn gnomes? I don’t think so, but she’s about to have one of the most extensive collections on earth…whether she wants to or not. On Saturday, December 5, Debbie is going to wake up with 405 lawn gnomes in her face. I can’t wait to see the footage, so keep your eyes open for it. Enjoy, Debbie!

5.) Stocking Stuffer of the Future – Without a doubt, the most amazing video I came across this week came from Todd Defren’s PR-Squared blog. Think about the possibilities and the future of mainstream media why you check out something I want immediately.

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