LIAva812 Scott Hale – Digital Experience | Strategy | Branding

With a background in communications and psychology, Scott Hale offers a driving force for integration, insight-driven creative work, and experiential marketing. His experience includes crafting, identifying and cultivating innovative solutions that provide brands with marketing built on incredible depth and meaningful interactions.

Scott has provided participatory brand strategy uniquely designed for individual clients resulting in achievement of business goals, built social communities that work seamlessly with offline efforts, and worked side-by-side with creative teams to deliver on brand promises. His focus is wrapping marketing concepts in a layer of immersive experience that ties campaigns together, providing compelling reasons for audiences to jump into brands head first and stay engaged.

If you know anybody looking for a curious, intrinsically motivated, quick learner with a well-rounded set of skills, head over to the ‘connect’ page and send Scott an email.

To continue the conversation, find Scott on Twitter where he looks forward to learning with you.